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Top level performance and mindset go hand in hand. I learned this early on as a professional dancer and actor. That realization drives my work today as a Leadership and Executive Coach. If you can establish the right mindset, you can create magic.

Chris George Coaching specializes in partnering with talented leaders at every level — C-suite, corporate executives, managers, contributors — to empower them to achieve new perspective and gain the clarity necessary to drive decisive action.

Chris’s purpose-driven coaching approach is designed to allow clients to maintain personal authenticity while striving to achieve their full potential through a personalized, co-created coaching process. His guiding values are simplicity, authenticity, and integrity. These are the core tenets at the heart of all coaching engagements and business interactions.

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Coaching is never about the coach. It is always about you, the client.

“I want to make a difference in my clients’ lives. When co-creating your journey, you get the space you need to examine desired outcomes, uncover obstacles, and explore paths to transformation. The focus is always on you…your needs, your desires, and your goals. I can help you find your ‘why’ and how to make it tangible.”

– Chris George, Founder, Chris George Coaching


By welcoming simplicity, we allow calmness and equanimity to quiet the noise in the world. This sharpens our focus on our desires/goals and where we stand in relation to them in the present moment.
To be authentic is to be true to yourself through your thoughts, words, and deeds. This genuineness is our guiding star when we delve into values and purpose to inspire conscious action.
Embracing integrity reveals our sense of ethics. This conveys our credibility and principles, creating trustful relationships.


Emotional Intelligence Competency & Development

Emotional Intelligence Competency & Development

Chris is certified to administer and interpret research-backed evaluations.


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I look forward to learning about you and your goals! Let’s discuss your desired outcomes and the type of program that would best suit you or your team.

Through video conferencing or phone sessions, you can work on your goals in the privacy of your home or office from anywhere in the world. Reach out to me to schedule a complimentary discovery conversation today.