Invite, Inspire & Ignite

Chris collaborates with you during the coaching engagement to help you achieve new perspective and clarity to drive decisive action. He offers a warm environment where you feel comfortable to do the work you need to uncover your goals and a clear path toward success. With compassion and empathy at the core of the process, he invites, inspires, and ignites your professional sense of purpose.
Intropection Icon
Invite Introspection
Chris delves deeply into where you are in the moment, exploring values, purpose, goals, and what might be standing in your way.
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Inspire Clarity

Chris encourages a clear mindset to help you focus your lens on your path so you can make intentional choices.

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Ignite Conscious Action
Chris then collaborates with you to define clear actions that help you take confident steps toward your desired outcomes.

Because presence is essential in coaching, Chris embraces presence by being fully “with” you in the moment, listening deeply, asking powerful questions, and creating the space and energy you need to guide you where you want to go.

A whole-person approach allows me to work successfully with people from diverse backgrounds and industries. I want to make a difference in people's lives, so helping my clients tap into their inherent wisdom is immensely gratifying.

– Chris George, Founder, Chris George Coaching.